Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm back!

I know its been a long break. We flew straight to my in-laws place in Kerala, stayed there for a few days and then came home to Mumbai. And its been weeks of cleaning and settling in since.

It was my sister-in-laws birthday a few days ago and as a birthday present I made her a card and also presented her with a gift.
The card is a copy of Jackie Topa's card which has a pull up section that surprisingly presents candles for a cupcake. My stamps and inks were not in one place at that time and since I couldn't find my stash of stamps I made do with a cutout of a cupcake from among my papers.

The second image shows the slider pulled up a bit showing a little of the flame of the candles. The third image has the slider pulled up all the way.
The next image is of the gift I made for her.
I bought the photoframe from a Gift Shop and made her a monogram with the first letter of her name 'F'.
I first drew out the letter on white cardstock and then filled it with different sized buttons. I cut out the same font on a purple cardstock and cut out some flourishes as well neatly with an xacto knife. I then added few punched flowers to add to the beauty.
Did you like it?
Do let me know.


Dr Sonia S V said...

The button idea is awesome


Assu said...

wow, i liked when d candles came out on the cupcake.

Rachana said...

wow i am sure she must have loved the card and the gift...The monogram idea is fab...

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