Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sailing Away...

...actually Im flying away.
Yes, my hubby and me are leaving tomorrow afternoon and are finally going home! Its gonna be a long, long flight home but i dont care as long as im going home. So i will be MIA for the next few days.
As a parting gift this is what I gave the previous captain who left a few weeks ago. We came on ship together and he looked after me just like a daughter during my stay.

I first drew a border for the frame. And then drew the sailboats and waves on the wrong side. Then using an xacto knife, i cut it out. I adhered it to the blue cardstock with dimensional tape and also put bits of dimensional tape on the sails so that they would give a pop out effect. This is the frame I gifted the captain.
This was done in a major hurry because I was first not sure what to give him and when I thought of this it was very close to his departure. I know the top layer is not cut straight but i never noticed it until I saw the photos. Does that happen to you?
Well, I hope he liked it 'cause I really liked it. What about you?
Do leave me a comment and let me know.

Im entering this frame in:
DDSB Challenge # 80 - Anything Goes
JUGS #108 - Wildcard Challenge
Charisma Cardz Challenge #43 - Anything Goes
The Paper Shelter Challenge #37 - Anything Goes
Bearly Mine Challenge #22  - Anything but a Card


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stationary Box

Hi gals!

Its been a long time, I know. But I've been knee deep in packing everything that has been my life for the past 6 months. It really seems like a lot. I still have so much more stuff out and am wondering what I can leave behind. Of course all my paper craft items were put in first so that I don't leave any of it behind. I can leave behind clothes, that's alright; but to even think of leaving behind a marker or a sheet of card stock is appalling. Im sure all you crafters who have had to move are on the same page with me. So as of right now, all my cardstock and patterned papers is at the bottom of my suitcase awaiting flight details. I have nothing new to show you so i will show you one of the first projects I made from a tutorial online. This will be one of the items I will be leaving behind with a heavy heart.

It is a stationary box with compartments for ready cards with matching envelopes, note cards, tags, an address book, a stamp holder and a pen holder.

It is an easy project. Since i made this some time ago, i dont have step by step images but you can try one for yourself from Jackie Topa's blog - Addicted to Stamping. She has a neat tutorial with measurements and photos all the way through.

Hope you liked it. Do leave a comment to let me know what you feel.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

TP Roll Wall Art Tutorial

News came in finally that we are going home. Although obviously happy with the news, it just meant trying to put (stuff) in all our (mostly mine) belongings into bags. And i've been at it whole of yesterday but the packing just doesnt get over 'coz now i have much more items to take back than what i came with. I have 2 bags full, 2 almost full and still so much lying around.
Anyways, today i will share with you something i made with toilet paper rolls. I had many of these empty rolls in the cabin and wanted to make something with it. I looked online and found some fantastic inspirations. The one I saw on Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom was intricate and beautiful, while the one on Creative Jewish Mom was simple and easy to do. So this is what i made:

I made this with about 2 n a half  toilet paper roll tubes.
Read on for a mini tutorial:

You will need:
- around 2-3 toilet paper tubes
- 2-3 sheets of newspaper (shredded)
- modpodge
- craft glue
- paint

I first marked the tubes at 1/2'' intervals and cut them to get 1/2'' rings.

I then tore newspaper into small pieces. The smalled the pieces, the better.

I glued newspaper pieces onto the the toilet paper roll rings with modpodge. This is optional. The reason I did this was because I felt the rings were a bit thin and weak on its own and i wanted a stronger wall art. Be generous with the glue.
Let it dry.

Next I placed all the pieces together to form a pattern that appealed to me and used up most of the pieces.

Then i painted each piece with acrylic paints. I gave them 2 coats of colour to get a even look.

Then i stuck them piece by piece together with craft glue.
Voila! Your wall art is ready.
Isnt it easy? Im sure you are already thinking of patterns and colours. So go ahead, make one. I'd love to see what you create.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Still tweaking...

Good day!

Im still tweaking around to make my blog what i want it to be. Not completely there, but i think im reaching soon. Just got news that we will (hopefully!) get to go home at the next port. That just means a lot of packing because now along with what i brought when i came i've got loads more to push into my bags. I bought a lot of carstocks and pattern papers and embellishments and accesories. The only thing i didnt get enough of was stamps. But that i have put in an order from a crafter in India, Ujjwal. Check out her blog. She is an amazing crafter and i love her cards.
So im gonna be packing and packing for the next few days in the hope of a confirmation that we are going home.
Today i'll share with you a simple card i made a couple of days back.
 Supplies: cardstock: DCWV , image: gift wrapping paper
It is a simple card with just an image stuck on a darker shade of cardstock. And i have added score lines around the image. Can you see it? I cant take my projects outside for a better picture so have to make do with what i have. Since i dont have too many stamps, I look out for gift wrapping paper that has images or a good background to use.
Hope you like it. Take a few seconds to let me know. I'd really appreciate it.
I'll be entering this card in Craft JC Challenge #10 : Simplicity

Thursday, 20 October 2011

DIY Calendar

This was one of the first projects I made when I joined ship in May. There was a calendar in the cabin but the numbers were too small. I wanted to make something big enough to keep track of the days passing. I looked online but didnt find anything that appealed to me. So I made a calendar of my own.

 This was made reusing thick cardboard and has slots for the month, date and day. The panel for the month is open on the top and the panel for the day of the week is open on the side. The panel on the left is also open at the top for images that can be changed every month. The open sea and the butterfly images were made for May and June respectively. It is hung on a clothes hanger by 2 large straps attached from the top to the bottom at the back. The months, dates and days are written by markers on scrap paper (cancelled maps).
Did you like it? Do leave me your opinion.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Origami Evening dress

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am a sailors wife and am currently sailing with him along the coast of Queensland, Australia. Although i have been making cards since school days, it was only on this trip that i discovered making cards with pattern paper and stamps and inks through many different blogs. Although sailing is nice, it can get a bit lonely and monotonous. So i have done a fair deal of crafting to pass my time, which i will show you over the coming days. Well, thats enough about me for one day. Now onto the card.
This card is a birthday card for a very dear friend. I miss her a lot - our chattering, window shopping or cooking together. It was her birthday sometime back and i have been scratching my brains to think of a card as special as her. It is an easel card. I apologize for the quality of the images.

Supplies: Cardstock - DCWV jewel cardstock, Patterned Paper - Craft (The Reject Shop) , Ribbon - My inspiration (from Big W), Sentiment - All Mixed Up rubons(Doodlebug Design Inc.), Embellishments - rhinestones

 I came across the origami dress on Homemade Gifts Made Easy. After i tried making it and saw the outcome I knew I wanted to make this card for my friend. It looks super, doesn't it?
I made the card according to the Indian Craft Room Challenge 11. The requirement was an Easel Card with basic shapes.
Hope you like it. Do leave me a comment. I'd really appreciate it.

Monday, 17 October 2011



A card to welcome all of you to my creative space where i will share all the paper crafts that i create.
Isn't it cute? Im just so in love with all the stuff i recently bought - cardstock bundles and a whole lot of patterned papers, buttons, and so much more.
I made this card keeping in mind the rules for 2 challenges that i wanted to participate in:
1. Crafty Creations Challenge #139 - Its called 3,2,1 for 3 decorative papers (patterned paper), 2 embellishments and 1 image. Can you see my 3,2,1?
2. Card Patterns Sketch #137 - There was a sketch provided.

Well, thanks for dropping by. Do leave a comment.
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