Sunday, 23 October 2011

TP Roll Wall Art Tutorial

News came in finally that we are going home. Although obviously happy with the news, it just meant trying to put (stuff) in all our (mostly mine) belongings into bags. And i've been at it whole of yesterday but the packing just doesnt get over 'coz now i have much more items to take back than what i came with. I have 2 bags full, 2 almost full and still so much lying around.
Anyways, today i will share with you something i made with toilet paper rolls. I had many of these empty rolls in the cabin and wanted to make something with it. I looked online and found some fantastic inspirations. The one I saw on Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom was intricate and beautiful, while the one on Creative Jewish Mom was simple and easy to do. So this is what i made:

I made this with about 2 n a half  toilet paper roll tubes.
Read on for a mini tutorial:

You will need:
- around 2-3 toilet paper tubes
- 2-3 sheets of newspaper (shredded)
- modpodge
- craft glue
- paint

I first marked the tubes at 1/2'' intervals and cut them to get 1/2'' rings.

I then tore newspaper into small pieces. The smalled the pieces, the better.

I glued newspaper pieces onto the the toilet paper roll rings with modpodge. This is optional. The reason I did this was because I felt the rings were a bit thin and weak on its own and i wanted a stronger wall art. Be generous with the glue.
Let it dry.

Next I placed all the pieces together to form a pattern that appealed to me and used up most of the pieces.

Then i painted each piece with acrylic paints. I gave them 2 coats of colour to get a even look.

Then i stuck them piece by piece together with craft glue.
Voila! Your wall art is ready.
Isnt it easy? Im sure you are already thinking of patterns and colours. So go ahead, make one. I'd love to see what you create.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Looks good Marissa-- saw a hanging snowflake made in this manner too on the net


PS: please do turn off word verification

Assu said...

Cant believe its done from waste. looks so simply amazing.

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